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IHL Rulebook

Post by κıиg™ on Sat Sep 03, 2016 9:59 pm

Anyone that registers on this forum and is a participant in the IHL competition must read, understand and obey the following rules:

1. General Conduct
2. Match Settings
3. Three-Men-Defense Rule
4. Matches
5. Protest
6. Wildcards
7. Teams
8. Match Results
9. Transfers
10. Additional Rules


Each player must always have access to a unique forum account, with a name which is identical or very similar to the one used in matches!
Clones (multiple accounts controlled by the same person) and fakes (playing with false nicknames) are strictly forbidden!
Each player should be able to connect to this Team Speak server: eu2.freets3.ovh:1643

**Players are allowed to change their forum nickname only one time per season.
In order to change your nickname, you must contact the staff
Nickname changes will be tracked in official topics.

User names, avatars and signatures must be within decency limits.
Please keep your messages as clear and clean as possible.
Off-topic replies are not allowed in any official topic, especially those for team line-ups and match results.

We will not tolerate any uncontrolled outbursts, insulting other players, rash decisions which can affect the integrity of the competition, and the lack of seriousness and fairplay.
Do not cross the line between irony/humor and insults/aggressive replies!
The staff members will penalise any deviations from reasonable behavior, even those that are not explicitly defined in the rules.
If there is no other option, a player will be excluded from the competition!


2.1 League match settings

- Time limit: 2x7 minutes - no overtime *
- Score limit: None
- Stadium: Big
- Nickname: must be identical or very similar to the one from the forum

** Goals scored right as the regular time expires (07:00) will not be considered valid!

2.2 Cup match settings

- Time limit: 2x7 minutes - no overtime * (2x10 minutes for final)
- Score limit: None
- Stadium: Big
- Nickname: must be identical or very similar to the one from the forum
 - In case of a tie on aggregate, additional 5 minute periods, with score limit: -1- will be played until a goal is scored (golden goal), with teams switching sides after each period.

** Goals scored right as the regular time expires (10:00, 7:00; 5:00) will not be considered valid!


** Only three players are allowed to defend in their own half when the opponents are attacking. The fourth player must not get involved at all, any attempt to block an opponent, even very slight touches, being strictly forbidden. Depending on the situation, breaking this rule can lead to a warning, repetition of the match or a default loss!

** If a team chooses to play 2-2 (without goalkeeper in the attack, but 2 dm, one up one down), ST can intervene while DM send the ball to the other one only on its trajectory, once the ball was reached by DM, the ST must leave the area and let the game proceed normally.


League matches are played on Sundays and Thursdays. The official times are: 20:30, and 21:00 RO.
Before a match starts, captains must test multiple hosts in order to find the most suitable one for both teams.
In matches where several players from different countries are involved, it is recommended to find a neutral host which offers similar conditions for everyone.
**There's not a rule: It's romanian league, you must play on romanian host!

If a team is not present or does not have 4 players available at the official match time, there will be a 15 minute waiting period. If that deadline also expires, a message must be written in the matchday topic, including any relevant screenshots captured on Team Speak and in the game room.

**A team can't start a match 3v4 ! The adverse team will get Defwin.
** If during the match, a player is disconnected and he can't/don't return and the team can't subtitute him, they may choose to continue the match 3v4.
**If neither team is present, the match must be played within 7 days, otherwise it will be validated with Defloss for both teams.

Before the kick-off, both teams must check that all players on the field are ready to begin.

Lag spikes are part of the game and sometimes they have to be accepted. However, if the playing conditions are obviously difficult, a short pause can be requested, allowing the ping levels to decrease.
If a goal is scored after a clear lag spike, the opponents must return it. If they refuse to do so, the match should be resumed, and after finishing it a complaint can be made. In such situations, solid evidence must be available, meaning a visible lag spike on the replay and/or screenshots with the ping graph captured immediately after the goal.

Substitutions can be made immediately after a goal has been scored or at halftime. Waiting time: 1 minute.
A single substitution per team can also be made during the game, after pausing it, if a player has connection issues (high ping or disconnect). If the player does not resolve his problem (stabilizes ping or rejoins), he must be replaced, otherwise the match has to continue 4vs3. Waiting time: 3 minutes.
Whenever someone is substituted while the ball is still in play, he must not offer an unfair advantage to his team's defence when entering the field.


A complaint regarding an official match can only be made by creating a topic in the "Complaints" section.
**The complaint must be submitted within 24 hours after playing the game, otherwise will not be considered. Besides admins only captains of both teams involved have the right to write in the topic. All off-topic posts will be deleted!

The topic must include the complaint description, a complete match replay, the exact minute when problems were encountered and any other relevant evidence (screenshots).
Besides the admins, only the captains of the two teams that are involved are allowed to write in the topic. All off-topic replies will be deleted!
After the official decision is announced, the topic will be closed.


**Each team has available -5- wildcards per season to postpone the league matches and -2- wildcards for the cup matches.
The wildcard must be used at least one hour before match time and it allows to reschedule the match within 7 days. There must be a mutual agreement between teams regarding the new match time. If no agreement is reached, the staff will set a mandatory time 8 days after the initial match date.
If both teams are inactive and the match is not played, it will be validated with a 0-0 score.
A match can also be rescheduled without the use of a wildcard if both teams are in agreement and confirm the new date/time in the matchday topic.
If a team uses wildcard outside the transfer period and the match is played after reopening transfers window,players are prohibided from attending the match


Squad limits: 5 players minimum - 10 players maximum.

The co-captain can fill in for the captain in his absence (wildcards, results, transfers). However, the captain must always be the main person responsable for every team decision.

**At the start of an official match, the team must have at least 5 eligible players in the team's topic, otherwise the game can not start and the team will lose by Defloss.
The captain will not be allowed to step down and leave someone else in charge without an official approval from the staff.
Any leadership rights can be removed by the staff if the integrity of the team or competition is in jeopardy.
The name and / or logo of the team can be changed only once per season!
**Any captain who leave/disband the team due to immature, infantile or rage-quit reasons will be punished according to the gravity of the situation.


Must contain mandatory:
- Final result
- Link to the replay
- Goal scorers and assisters for both teams (with the replay time!)

**If no replay is provided or an important part is missing, the both teams will be penalized with Defloss.
**The confirmation of result will not be considered!
Make sure that someone from your team is always recording the match, even when there is a stream for it!


There are two separate transfer windows:
- Start of the season - ***start of the 3rd matchday
- Mid-season break

Transfers can only be made during those intervals, with the exception of free players, who can join a team at any time.
A free player is someone new to the competition or that was not included in any team squad at the end of the last transfer window.
An exception will be made for players that were part of a team squad, but were not used in any official matches. ***They can leave the current team and enter another team once benefiting of this rule.
Someone that plays for a team and leaves it outside the transfer window is not allowed to play for another team until the next transfer window opens.
**It isn't possible to rejoin the same team, they must wait until next the transfer windows opens.

If a team is disbanded, the players from its squad are allowed to play for another team.

**In order to use a player, he must be added to the team squad at least 30 minutes before the match, he must have a unique forum account and has to confirm the transfer in the team topic.


It is strictly forbidden to use macros! Players will initially receive a warning, followed by a league ban, and their team can lose the match by default.

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